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almost of the u.s. economy and competition just seems to be at the wrong level and patients are frustrated. another reason i wrote the book is that doctors are getting crushed right now. they have got declining medicare payments. they have got increasing overhead, hospitals have more expenses. malpractice rates are going up. the burnout rate is 46% and doctors are getting crushed right now and i just felt like we needed a voice out there and it's okay to talk to the general public. >> host: so you make the point that medical mistakes for the third leading cause of death in the united states. that is a shocking figure. can you talk a little bit about that? >> guest: it was shocking even for me as someone interested in the skill and quality to put it in that way. medical mistakes. we kill as many people from medical mistakes as we do from car accidents and other three, four and five causes in the u.s.. i guess i've never really thought of it that way because we don't really talk as openly and honestly about mistakes as we showed in our profession, to be very blunt. think about
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1